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Sage 100 Setup and Support by All Kleer Computers

by All Kleer

July 2nd, 2014

Sage 100 Setup and Support by All Kleer Computers


With Sage 100, your business can be efficiently managed in new, profitable and productive ways which seemed almost unachievable before. Using Sage 100 will give a feeling of freedom and fluidity, from your manufacturing management to your accountancy programs.

Avoiding delays such as material purchasing and scheduling problems, your business will feel the weight lifted of these unnecessarily costly and time consuming issues. You will have ultimate control over purchasing and production planning - all at an affordable expense.

This innovative new software gives growing businesses flexible solutions, and a wide range of dynamic applications - including a fully functional accounting program, and brand new manufacturing and distributing facilities. With the flexibility of Sage 100, you can fully adapt the software to completely suit your business needs - integrating all your management solutions with features that will make you wonder why you haven't found us sooner.

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Sage 100 Support for businesses

by All Kleer

June 25th, 2014

Business managers and many other users may become intimidated at the idea of trying to master a new enterprise resource planning system. At first glance it is easy to be intimidated by the hundreds of enterprise resource planning software options, so selecting the best software for your business may appear to be a difficult task. But, when the different software is compared and contrasted it becomes fairly easy to narrow down the very serious choices to just a few.

Sage 100 contains an extremely comprehensive feature set including modules dedicated to the following areas:

Accounting, Reporting, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HR / Payroll, Project Hours Management, Services, Customization and Integrations, Checks and Forms, Mobile / Web Applications, and eCommerce.

Besides the comprehensive feature set which provides all the functionality that could be needed by most businesses one of the best reasons to choose Sage 100 is the network of professional Sage 100 Support / MAS 90 support / MAS 200 support companies like All Kleer Computers.

Obviously enterprise resource planning can become a fairly complex issue for some companies. Choosing an ERP such as Sage 100 allows you to receive real-time support for issues relating to Sage 100, MAS 90, or MAS 200. Sage 100 can be a great solution for your small startup business seeking its first resource planning solution or for your larger, well established business which needs to restructure its enterprise resource planning arrangement. In any case, we encourage you to contact us with questions about setting up new Sage 100 installations or for real-time support for your existing Sage 100.

Sage support news

by All Kleer

June 20th, 2014

News for UK-based Sage


As a provider of real-time support for Sage 100 enterprise management software we always like to keep up to date on the company's latest news as it seems they're always up to something new and ambitious. Sage certainly has their hand in much more than just accounting software and managment solutions. The UK-based software mega-corporation Sage has been involved in some interesting projects recently.


One of the Sage related projects that was just recently announced is their collaboration with tech start-up benefactor extraordinaire Ingnite100 on the "Campus North" project in Newcastle, England.


The project - which actually received a small portion of its funding via a Kickstarter fundraising campaign - is the conception and construction of an imposing ultra-modern compound which now serves as home-base to assorted tech-related entrepreneurs, developers and supporting partners and staff.


Ignite100 is mainly in the business of providing funding and consultation to tech-oriented start-up companies. As a fast growing organization Ignite100 quickly developed the need for larger physical facilities. In addition to providing the project with increased financing and spending power the Sage organization has been brought onboard in an advisory role to provide consulting and expertise for software coding, web concepts, and other technical solutions.


Check back to regularly for more Sage news, information about Sage enterprise management software, real-time support for Sage 100, or to setup a new Sage-based system for your company.



What is Sage 100 Anyway?

by Laura

Systems Consultant
March 7th, 2013

What is Sage 100?  To answer that, we have to go back in time to the rip-roaring 1980's.  It was during this time that a company called State of the Art was just forming a software program that was going to revolutionize the way businesses handled their bookkeeping.  The software itself was called MAS 90 or Master Accounting Series of the 1990's and was geared towards companies looking to expand into the future of accounting. Personal computers were just becoming available to the public and savvy business owners were able to refashion their offices to work in conjunction with the fast approaching PC age.

The software brand or MAS 90 and its affiliates were purchased by Sage from State of the Art after a corporate takeover in 1998.  “If it ain’t broke, don't fix it” was the general motto and the program stayed unchanged in name for many years.  The software itself, however, started to take many forms by way of downloadable service updates and upgrades.

In 2012, Sage finally made a leap and decided to rebrand the software with a name that wasn't tied to a specific era. The name Sage 100 was born.  There are now three different types of Sage 100 under the Sage 100 name; Sage 100 Standard, Advanced, and Premium.

In future blog posts, we will discuss the different types and how they each fit well with specific companies.

If you are interested in obtaining more information or need help with a specific problem involving MAS 90, MAS 200, or Sage 100, please don’t hesitate  to call us any time here at the office.

Many thanks,


Laura Lewis

Systems Consultant, All Kleer Computer Systems, LLC

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