Sage 100, MAS 200, MAS 90 support, certified partner consultant

by All Kleer

March 7th, 2014

All Kleer computers offers comprehensive support for the wildly popular Sage 100 accounting software.  All Kleer is one of the best established and most qualified companies of its kind having provided elite client support for MAS 90, MAS 200, and now Sage 100 for almost 20 years.

All Kleer supports a fairly large variety of businesses.  Sage 100 is a popular management engine for labor unions and retail distribution entities and All Kleer provides extensive support for organizations such as these. 

All Kleer assists in new set-ups of Sage 100 for organizations and also provides expert insight and guidance for existing Sage 100 systems.  Any necessary hardware,  connectivity, and peripherals can be provided by All Kleer to ensure seamless operation and functionality.

All Kleer is a certified Sage partner and consultant so you can have complete confidence that you will be provided with the best possible solution for any issues you may have relating to Sage 100, MAS 90, or MAS 200.  Each client is provided highly thorough and accurate support with an extremely meticulous support process.

Sage is used worldwide and is making large market share gains in exotic regions such as Africa and the Middle East.  In March 2014, Sage reported that eighteen-percent of all enterprise software used in South Africa is Sage.  According to a Sage representative, its use extends in to other regions of Africa as well.  Penetrating foreign markets such as these is fabulous news for the United Kingdom based company and demonstrates not only the popularity of Sage software but also the wide sphere of influence it possesses.  

All Kleer is also an authorized reseller of Sage software - if you're not an existing Sage user please contact us to discuss how Sage can benefit your business.  If you require assistance or support for Sage 100, MAS 90, or MAS 200 contact us immediately.