Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) Support

by All Kleer

April 3rd, 2014

Sage 100, MAS 90, and MAS 200 authorized-reseller and support system.


For anybody searching for a business management software solution Quickbooks is probably the first product that comes to mind.  While Quickbooks may be suitable for some business types, there is some misconception that Quickbooks is a more popular yet comparable adversary of Sage 100.  

A more accurate description of Sage 100 is that it is an application for small to medium sized businesses that have developed a requirement for additional features and functionality that are not offered in Quickbooks.  Sage 100 is better thought of as an upgrade rather than a crossgrade from Quickbooks.

There is a feature set and functionality that Sage offers which can't be found in more consumer-based or "stock" software such as Quickbooks.  Many of these functions are essential to specific businesses such as manufacturers.

One feature adjacent to the implemenation of the Sage family of software is comprehensive third-party and authorized-reseller support.  When using Sage 100 you can enlist specialized support from experts such as the All Kleer ( team.  Using an application such as Quickbooks you'll have to probably meet with a local CPA, tax preparation service, or similar person - and with many of these types of professionals Quickbooks may be an afterthought or side project of their main business.  Then you'll need to pay them by the hour and hope that they can solve your issue.  Headaches and liabilities such as these are eliminated when you choose Sage for your business and All Kleer as your support team and consultant.

Sage 100 Support Certified Consultant

Some quick facts about Sage 100 (Enterprise Resource Planning):
Sage currently enjoys over 75,000 customers as part of its segment - this does not include its vast amount of customers operating within separate divisions of its product range.

A point of some confusion for users is the fact that Sage has acquired some well-known software formerly distributed under different identities.  As a result, there is some potential for uncertainty among businesses regarding which version of Sage best suits their requirements. 

For example:
Sage 50 was formerly marketed as Peachtree Accounting
Sage 100 Standard was formerly marketed as MAS 90
Sage 100 Advanced was formerly marketed as MAS 200
Sage 300 was formerly Accpac
Sage 500 was formerly MAS 500

These examples, in addition to the other wealth of products offered by Sage, can present a dizzying number of options for the uninitiated enterprise resource planning user.  Fortunately, you can contact All Kleer Computers - Sage 100 specialists - and they'll consult with you to offer advice regarding the best possible solution for your business.  Whether it is new setups and installations of Sage 100 systems, or trouble-shooting and problem-solving your existing Sage configuration, All Kleer has the solution for any potential Sage related issue you may have.

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