sage alerts and workflow has a new version 10 available

Sage Alerts & Workflow Version 10 Available Now

knowledgesync"KnowledgeSync" or Sage Alerts & Workflow

Upgrade today to version 10 of the new Sage Alerts & Workflow system. At the end of the post there is a video you can check out for more information!

What is Sage Alerts & Workflow?

Sage Alerts or “SAW” (also known as KnowledgeSync) provides users with the ability to communicate automatically between users of the Sage 100 and anyone else they would need to communicate with regarding their business. Whether they are your vendors, customers, or even managing partners; you can send Alerts to all of them using multiple avenues. Alerts can be automated and triggered by data entry/changes that are a part of daily life at your business.

Alerts can be sent via text, email, fax, dashboard, and instant messaging. They can be sent to people regarding all facets of daily business life using the information you already have stored in your current Sage 100 ERP system. Sage Alerts reads your Sage data and automatically sends customized alerts as designed.

Who can benefit from Sage Alerts & Workflow? Anyone!

Alerts can inform team-members from warehouse to accounting, with this they will receive tracking information the instant the data is entered. Anyone can receive notifications on Receipt of Goods, Invoice Data Entry registers, or even purchase orders entered without so much as an additional button click. With the proper parameters, you can automatically be alerted to any specific trigger like expiring contracts or overdue invoices.
These are automated alerts about virtually any business condition.

The options are endless.

How can my customers benefit?

Faster communication means faster delivery and/or interaction. An informed customer is a happy one!
Give your clients instant knowledge on orders, backorders, invoices, and much more! Vendors can be informed on delivery of goods, postage of payment, or even receive communication on an upcoming
order. Allow managers the ability to see their needed reports even before they even ask.

The video below is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the myriad of ways you can use the Sage Alerts and Workflow system.

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